A Tribute to the 130 Years Denim Brand, Lee Never Stops
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When you are passionate about something, you never stop working on it. At Lee, it has never stopped bringing imagination to reality, transforming from practical-and-durable to classy yet fashionable creations. For 130 years, Lee moves with time and understands the people are living an active life where clothing moves with them. With years of purposeful craftsmanship and innovation, Lee has evolved over time from work clothes to Union-Alls, then from the U-shape saddle crotch and button fly to the zipper cowboy pants. Since the launch of the first Lee bib to the 13oz '101' cowboy jeans, Lee’s spirit continues to prevail. The spirit of daring to dream, explore, discover, create and share.


Never Stop

In Lee's latest Fall/Winter 2019 campaign celebrating its 130th anniversary, it captures a group of youths with the never stop spirit of Lee, enjoying each other's company in style while dancing freely on a rooftop, chasing the sunset, and roaming the streets, using every second they can grasp to explore, to discover and to create wherever they are. They are the ones who keep moving forward but at the same time learn and appreciate the past and its origins. Perfectly portraying Lee’s belief and its design inspirations, this Fall/Winter 2019 collection brings out the best of Lee.


101+ Pays Tribute to the Golden Times

To celebrate this amazing 130th anniversary, Lee’s 101+ is bringing back its iconic Hair-On-Hide leather labels together with 5 other classic elements: the spade pockets, S-curve, hip pocket label, cross stitching, donut and riders buttons that Lee designers dare to play with enlargements, recurrences, emphasis and unexpected placements. The key details of the anniversary badge, Hair-On-Hide tags and enlarge S-curve that hold strong representation to Lee as a brand will make you appear as you walked straight out of a New York vintage lookbook.