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Bringing Back “Beat ‘Em All” Buddy Lee for Fall/Winter 2021
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For the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Lee brings back the unbeatable Buddy Lee, their mascot since 1920, with a brand new tagline “Beat ‘Em All” — a tenacious testament to the quality of Lee’s denim — serving as an inspiration to stay strong and upbeat during these trying times.

Step into Fall/Winter with that adorably unassailable "Man of Action” Buddy Lee, presented as a heroic figure who survives all manner of impending doom. The new tagline “Beat ‘Em All” pays tribute to the 90s Buddy Lee ad series ‘Can’t Bust’ Em.” Just as Lee’s denim can withstand all sorts of situations and stays sturdy and strong, our attitudes should remain robust and ready to step out with the confidence, positivity and resilience to tackle any challenge.