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Stand Tall


Lee presents the Stand Tall campaign in Spring/Summer 2020. Stand Tall starts with that unifying insight: the most important thing is that you should see yourself before anyone else sees you. That is self-affirmation, the undefeatable power - Confidence.
It used to be said ‘you are what you wear’, but Lee knows now that it’s more a case of you become what you wear. For the first step you get dressed up in the morning, it can fundamentally change not only people’s perception of you but your perception of yourself. Being confidence is about how you see yourself before anyone else sees you. With Lee’s sharper style of outfit, you could Stand Tall with its new season collection, to live an enchanted life with self-affirmation and confidence and stay who you are.

A smart looking and comfortable outfit acts like a magic wand that ignites your confidence. Wearing Less has always and will always stand you out from the crowd. We didn’t set out to create trends, but that’s exactly what we did. For over 130 years of being synonymous with quality, innovation and durability in the fashion scene, Lee becomes a legendary denim brand with an attitude that dares to create styles of its own. It is a brand full of personality and character that embodies the type of courage everybody needs in their life. Lee’s sharper style is the key to it because every well-crafted piece is designed to allow maximum comfort during movements while bringing out the best of one from inside-out. Styles come and go, and the most important pieces you should own are something timeless yet distinctive that empower you with energy and confidence.

A readiness to take on whatever comes, knowing they have the wherewithal to nail it - Stand Tall.