Breakthrough Your Cocoon, Breakthrough in Comfort with Lee
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Stand Tall

The way we live and work is changing right before our eyes.. We witnessed the changes of a series of measures, that has transformed the day-to-day functioning of everyone. As we see ourselves and people pivot around these challenges and uncertainties, it has more or less affected everyone in some sort. The increase of anxiety and self-doubt to everyone, especially from our younger generation has resulted in the inevitable forming of cocoons  to feel a sense of security as an escape away from reality. But do they feel more connected or more alone from this?
Lee’s latest Fall/Winter 2021 campaign collection shines us with the reminder of learning how to filter out information, comments and expectations set by society and those around that interfere with our confidence or limits us to our greatest.. Keep your head up, tear away from any restraints we encounter both online and offline to live your life to the fullest with confidence

#STANDTALL and Break It

Step up and stand tall have always been the spirit of Lee, a name that is full of personality and characteristics that comprises all the elements of a friend everybody needs in their life. Whether as a supporter or a reminder, one must not forget about the uniqueness of themselves to aim high and breakthrough.

For this season, Lee collaborates with emerging talented director, Mr. Yu-en Hsieh. Hsieh’s work and style has always been highly unique with a strong visual aesthetic of magic to showcase his taste and perfectionism.

Through this video campaign directed by Hsieh, he captivates a story of young individuals who struggle and drown themselves in the phrase “not enough”. The video captures each individual in a different scenario whether they are alone, with friends, or in public facing a challenge of their own. But once they run into the thought of doubting themselves whether they are good enough, cocoon threads begin to appear around their body transitioning into a scene where they are all floating in the air wrapped inside a cocoon. As one of the individuals revives and notices he was trapped inside, he immediately fights to escape as he realizes that when life throws you with obstacles and challenges, you must first know how to stand tall, believe and be brave in order to overcome them. As each individual breaks through, standing tall as they are emerge in where they were before, a sense of self-confidence is felt again when geared in an entire outfit by Lee. Lee defines Stand Tall as a real action. It is about breaking out of cocoon in comfort while discovering your voice and inner strength, to never stand still but dare to fly high.