Lee Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Lee Fall/Winter 2018 Collection
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Move Your Lee

Active Lifestyle Denim For Today’s
Millennial Moment Makers


Today’s world is fast. Ultra fast. And today’s moment makers are taking in every new city experience possible. Propelled by a digital era that encourages each moment and interaction to be recorded and posted, they want to participate in life at it’s fullest.

Lee senses this paradigm shift in attitude and celebrates it.


Introducing Move Your Lee: Stretch Your Imagination campaign

Move Your Lee embraces active moments in style and Fall/Winter’s Stretch Your Imagination runs with it. The second in the series of campaigns under the Move Your Lee umbrella spotlights a new generation living multiple lives in one day. New fabrics, fits and collections work with and work for these Millennial Moment Makers, allowing them greater freedom and greater expression than ever before.


A Lee visionary is invited to redefine their lives, view it from multiply angles, all perspectives, experiments, try to find hidden surprise and adventure. Move Your Lee supports freedom and exploration in all forms. In this new campaign, the vibe is, do anything, go anywhere. Make moments. Stretch your Imagination and something new and bright will unfold each day.


4-way Stretch and Urban Riders

Developed to serve the wearer through their unique life experience in the city, Lee’s unique 4-way stretch fabric has been made available to suit the flexibility and adaptability of today’s urban dwellers, allowing denim lover ultimate freedom of movement and style.

Iconic since it’s launch, Lee’s Urban Riders menswear range is pleased to announce it’s first ever expansion into womenswear. In a range of washes, and made to fit active lifestyles on the move, this everyday streetwear-inspired line marries form and function. Evident in bombers, tees, jackets, with flashes of bright orange red in the winter collection adding energy, looks are pure clean classic casualwear with hints of functionality and craftsmanship.