Lee Fall/Winter Collection 2017

Lee Fall/Winter Collection 2017
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Living up to Imagination and Realizing Inspirations


Inheriting the spirit of the Lee’s Spring/Summer Campaign, we have come to a season to further spark the creativity for millennials, to rediscover worklife in an environment full of imagination and challenges.


As workers began to enjoy regulated 5-day work weeks, and the advent of weekends in the 1950s, Lee introduced The Leesures in America in 1957, casual jeans for work and play that redefined denim as a fabric, and style, not limited to work.


Who needs an official definition for work or play? A seamless lifestyle that merges the two allows the modern worker to explore limitless possibilities, opening him/herself to unexpected fun and new experience. The workplace itself can be a playground for a mini-golf break or a table tennis challenge with co-workers where creative ideas are easily ignited. Playing around with new gadgets with the guy who shared an office together might seed a bold business plan. Worklife is rediscovered from not just the environment, but also the lifestyle and attitude.


Fluidity VS Sophistication: The All Rounded Men’s Catalogue for Work & Play

To enhance movements at work, the Tapered Fit jeans features 3 different fits, including the newly introduced 705 (comfort fit). This fabulous fit has a life goal of offering comfort to its wearer, ensuring that no constraints nor limitations along the way. The 707 (Regular Fit) is ideal for fluidity and movement, especially for the active and outgoing workers. The 709 (Slim Fit) answers the fashion-conscious crowds’ prayers with a flattering cutting.


Stay in style and look professional in the well-groomed wardrobe of Black Label, a collection of a workwear wardrobe modernized from the Lee classic Workwear, which preserves the iconic workwear heritage – the triangular housemark. Sleek jackets and slim cut shirts are made for contemporary, modern working men. Giving out a sense of chic in its fitted cutting, the collection best dresses jetsetters & entrepreneurs.