Lee Spring/Summer Collection 2018

Lee Spring/Summer Collection 2018
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Move Your Lee

Move Your Lee: Embrace the New Era in Style


The landscape of urban lifestyle in this era is ever-changing, Lee sees the increasing social connections among city dwellers and believes that one has to usher in vast changes of identities every moment. To make the most out of such lifestyle, Lee strives to inspire life in motion and in style.


Move Your Lee: Embrace the New Era in Style

Stepping into 2018, Lee introduces a brand new philosophy: Move Your Lee. With more extensive social connections in urban lives, we are more informed with our happenings, freer to identify ourselves and to make our voices heard. Move Your Lee means to boldly embrace these dynamic changes, to capture different moments in the modern world in a fashionable manner and a joyful attitude.


Lee is a force of liberation: a dynamic denim lifestyle to inspire the exploration of limitless opportunities against a thriving urban landscape. Lee delivers an all rounded wardrobe for those who strive for passion in life, create spontaneous experiences, living a lifetime in a day. Style up in the season’s fashionable collection, as Lee propels freedom of movement to create unexpected moments as you go, making every day count.


Refreshment On Demand

As challenging as the modern people’s life may be, Lee kicks in with a positive, in-the-moment spirit by offering style and comfort for every occasion. The Spring/Summer Collection 2018 keeps you ready for surprising discoveries by creating outfits for any occasions: indoors or outdoors, work or play. It also carries features especially for the hot summer such as Jade Fusion+ jeans and Lee Lite, not only keeping you in style, but also giving you a cooling sensation and refreshment on demand, no matter where life takes you next.