Lee Launches SS19 Campaign

Lee Launches SS19 Campaign
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Move Your Lee

Urban City Dwellers Channel Play, Freedom and Progression


Inspired by today’s fast-paced millennials, Lee’s Move Your Lee spirit encourages individuals to live their life with best choice, forge a unique path, and celebrate the moment. Embodied by the style statement “Free to Choose Your Next Move”, Lee induces its wearers to make every move with confidence, substance and style, and provides active lifestyle collections to activate this vision.


Free to Choose Your Next Move

Millennials share a drive to live life on their own terms, to explore, to experiment, and to seek inspiration, to make progress and pursue a meaningful life. In the new campaign, Lee depicts stylish millennials roaming the urban cityscape, grasping every moment, as they multi-task, go freedom-hunting, slide in cars or hop on bikes, explore with friends, build their networks. Energy never fades in this 24-7 all out lifestyle and head-to-toe in Lee, they are free to roam wherever inspiration takes them.

The Urban Riders collection: Purposeful Details with Style

Lee Urban Riders collection is a culmination of substance and style. Its denim technology and design vision build an urban lifestyle that is more intelligently stylish, and innovative fit and fabrics merge in collections inspired by an ever-changing urban cityscape.

New designs and fabrics propel this vision of youth-fueled flexibility and freedom. Take the new Jigsaw fabric, a newly developed ultra-stretch denim that allows maximum mobility and appears for the first time in this season’s Urban Rider collection, and one of a wealth of new stretch fabrics incorporated into the Spring/Summer collections.

Reflective details, weather-protect and climate control fabrics allow a 24-hour day-into-night lifestyle, with 3-D cut denim and gussets plus mesh inclusions allowing greater ventilation and movement.